By Raechel Morgan, Staff Writer

Gas prices eating at your pocket? Just want to revisit your childhood and cycle around town?

Rent a bike through Pike Ride, in hour intervals.

There are several Pike Ride locations in the Downtown Colorado Springs area, including a hub near Pikes Peak Community College’s Downtown Campus.

A nonprofit partnership with Kaiser Permanente’s Thrive initiative and the BCycle app, Pike Ride hosts over 200 bikes in the community.

The idea is for these bikes to travel short distances and improve Downtown congestion. For example, if you are in need of mid-afternoon coffee and do not want to drive to your favorite roaster, these bikes can be accommodating.

“People are used to, especially in this area, bike rentals and that’s not really what it is. You are basically sharing a bike system for 60-minute intervals.” said Amy Mogck, the Marketing Coordinator for Pike Ride.

Pike Ride is a great way for students to experience the historical beauty of downtown while taking a breather from homework and enjoy a long-forgotten childhood past time.

The bikes have a basket on the front for water bottles or any merchandise purchased Downtown area.

After you have logged on to the bike, either with your card or app you get ten seconds to take the lock off the bike before it will relock.

The bike itself is front-heavy, compared with a normal bike, but once on the bike you can’t tell.

The seats may need to be adjusted before beginning your ride.

You can use the bike to navigate to where you want to go if you do not have your phone with you. The bike will tell you how far you went, how many calories you burned and how long your ride was.

If you do have the BCycle app, each time you walk up to a bike it gives you a new code to put into your phone.

“The app was very user friendly, and renting the bike streamline. There are some improvements that I believe could be made to the process, but all in all it was enjoyable.” Says Justin Morgan, a former PPCC Student who graduated in the Spring.

Each one of the bike hubs has a map showing you where you are, where the next set of bikes are parked, where the bike hubs are, and where the bike lanes are located.

PikeRide Pricing is astoundingly low:

  • $10 for unlimited 60-minute rides in 24 hours
    • This maybe the best option if you are trying it out to see if you like it or not before committing
  • $25 for unlimited 60-minute rides for 3 consecutive days
  • $15 for unlimited 60-minute rides for a Month
  • $90 for unlimited 60-minute rides for an Annual Pass
  • $2 for a single ride up to 30 minutes

*Any single ride passed 60 minutes accrues a $5 fee

There are several ways to become a Pike Ride member:

  • Visit one of the six different solar kiosks located throughout the Downtown area
  • Search the Pike Ride website at
  • Download the BCycle mobile app through iTunes or Play

The current service area covers approximately twelve square miles–the area from East Fillmore Street to Fountain Boulevard, and from Interstate 25 to Union Boulevard.

The Bikes can be taken out of this area if they are returned within the allotted 60 minute time frame. Otherwise a $20 fee will be assessed. Helmets are not provided, but are encouraged.