2020 has been one of the craziest years I have lived through personally.

I remember ringing in the new year without a mask on, out in public, with way more than 10 people around me, all not within
6 feet. That is crazy to think about now. 2020 is the year I decided I wanted to go back to school, I had graduated from high school in 2017 and never felt fully ready to go back to school until this year. What a crazy idea, right? It’s been so interesting to start off my college experience from my couch in my
pajamas every day. When I thought about going to college for my first year, I thought I would be meeting new classmates and people going for the same degree I am, making new friends, and getting to know new people. Instead, we all sat on Zoom calls and made the best of the situation.

Before COVID hit, I was working two jobs and planned to do that until the semester started, when we went into lock down, I lost one of those jobs because they were not essential and was left with one job that was not giving me nearly enough hours to both save for school and pay bills. It was a hard financial stress at the time, but I was so appreciative to still have at least one job. I am currently still working at my essential job, aka Panera Bread. The dynamic of the working now is so bizarre to me. We wear our masks, when we clock in, we fill out a questionnaire about how we are feeling that day, if we have any symptoms, and we take our temperature. We all stand behind plexiglass screaming at each other because we can’t hear each other.

I haven’t been able to see some of my family members because there are either immunocompromised, elderly, or every sick. When my grandpa was in the hospital for a head injury and potentially wouldn’t be able to remember anything every again, I did not get to see him. My grandma, who lives in Philadelphia got diagnosed with a kidney disease that was eventually kill her because there is no cure, I didn’t get to see her because flying out to her to visit wasn’t an option per the fact that her immune system has plummeted, and she can easily get sick. I have not been able to see my brother, dad, or stepmom because my brother is immunocompromised, and my stepmom is an on-call house nurse for premature and very sick babies.

To say the least, 2020’s rating in my books is a 0 out of 10 and I would not recommend this year.