The pandemic has posed many challenges in our world and within our own personal lives. We as people have historically gone through many challenging moments, events, and experiences. However, I don’t believe that anything has prepared us for what covid19 had in store. It has changed little things like the way we conduct ourselves in public, to huge things, like how we go through the entire world.  M

My perspective is that we were severely underprepared and that covid hit and continues to hit our most vulnerable populations. I believe that even if everyone is vaccinated, we won’t go back to normal as a society. I think covid has changed us fundamentally, morally, and mentally. We will feel the ramifications of job loss, food insecurity, death, for generations to come. However, I believe that we will persevere and make it through all of that. That even though so many lost so much, there is always hope and community. That the people here in the springs, and even our community here at PPCC will continue to take care of our own. We will thrive again and come back from this.

Covid affected me greatly, especially on a personal level.  Having a mental illness and chronic illness and relying on structure and consistency in schedule. Covid uprooted everything. I found myself in panic attacks and unable to cope with what was happening around me a lot of the time. I experienced some of the worst depression in my life during this time and will have to continue to work through that. Still, with my own personal community and working to help other through this time, I found ways to continue on and cope.

Covid was hard and is hard. We will continue on though as America does, hopefully learning from this instance and responding better then we did this time.