It has been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride. I am in the high-risk category and my oncologist had to figure out a way to still see me. We attempted to meet several times before we finally got it. I go into the office and get blood draw one week before I zoom in and have a meeting with him to go over my blood results. I thank God after every visit with because I am not receiving chemo and I feel fine. I have had to adapt to many different things. I am a hospital administrator and I had to learn MS Teams very fats. I am a self-taught MS Team expert. I conduct many meeting on MS Teams now. I have given classes on MS team and I have also attended classes on MS team only I had to get up at 430 for a glass I was attending at 530 eastern time. It has really been some experience for me., but through it all God has kept me safe in his arms….