Covid, its been difficult for a lot of people some more than others, I know I have been affected mentally, but I am grateful none of my family has caught it. I’ll start by saying the amount of shock I was in when I found out PPCC was closing back in March of 2020, but I was glad too. You see my mother suffered from breast cancer before and ever since she has been very susceptible to catching illness, her immune system is weakened due to the cancer treatment, before I had taken a semester off to take care of her through the cancer treatment, so when we began hearing how badly Covid was hitting other countries and when the first case came to Colorado I began contemplating dropping out that semester because the health of my family comes first, but the PPCC made the right choice in switching to online, rather than me having to stop class, I have to say I’ve been lucky I had feared the worse. I remain cautious though, I am a work study so I tend to stay away from people as best as I can and I’m always watching for alerts, I can tell I’m slowly becoming more and more antisocial if I don’t have to talk to people I definitely won’t. I can say though my fellow work studies and I are all germaphobes even before Covid so it came naturally for us to make sure every surface is clean and it makes me feel better that I’m not the only one watching out for the health of our fellow classmates.