My name is Bri. I think it’s crazy to think about living in a pandemic, and that this will be in history books as an event that changed the world, and here I am living in it, and it’s barely affected my daily life. I have needed to shop online a little more and eat out less, none of which feel to be major changes in my life. Working in accounting, it did not affect my job. I’ve had several friends and a few family members test positive for COVID-19 and their experience was it felt slightly worse than a cold, and a few of them had a spouse that never caught it from them. At the beginning of the uproar, in March 2020, I almost got stuck in Scotland on a girls trip with new restrictions forming and flights getting cancelled. The most interesting part of being in another country during the beginning of a worldwide pandemic is that Americans were becoming known as toilet paper hoarders. Every place we went and met locals they were very friendly concerned if we were worried about making it back to America, and then curious what the deal with toilet paper was.