The past 13 months of various levels of quarantine have been interesting to say the least.

Going into the initial stages of lockdown, I had hoped that my natural proclivity for being at my computer desk, on the internet, engaging in social media and competitive gaming content would have made the lockdown significantly more comfortable for me. I had hoped that at a minimum I’d endure this situation better than those who preferred the outdoors. Unfortunately it turns out my initial thought was way off base. Academics have been difficult to keep at a standard that I normally would. My computer at home is purpose built for entertainment, so having to use it for 100% of my academics instead of just the occasional paper is leaving me distracted and unfocused from time to time. In the last 6 months I’ve dropped from a straight A student, if we ignore pre-calculus, to across the board B’s this term. I’m ecstatic at the prospect of being back on campus beginning next term. Weary enough though, after this term, that if we continue mostly digital I may have to request the VA allows me a term off.