What has this year been like for me living in this once-in-a-century global shutdown? At first, I believed this was a very deadly virus that if contracted could mean isolation from everyone, including immediate family, in a medical facility, to live out the rest of my days alone and suffering. This was absolutely reason enough to stop going out in public to avoid any potential contact with such a virus.  
The months passed on though, and while we have worn masks, socially distanced, and even quarantined from everyone not in my household, in the most extreme case, but nothing is changing. I was hopeful that life would go back to normal, and now, I’m not so sure anymore. Instead, we as a country are suffering from increased depression and anxiety, not to mention unemployment due to these lockdowns. Not to mention the amount of political involvement in this global shutdown as well, it just all seems much too orchestrated to be authentic. In no way do I doubt that a virus exists, but now that we have ran our small businesses, and lowest income communities to the ground, we need to focus on recovering. I started off the quarantine restless as can be, have gone through extreme depression and anxiety attacks, so bad that I almost ended up divorcing my husband. I have had to face myself alone in this time and really learn how to heal and let go of factors that are out of my control. I am one of the fortunate ones, able to keep working, and support my family financially throughout this difficult year. To be blessed with that weight off my shoulders in a time like this is extremely lucky. Not everyone faces that reality though, and that reality is going to keep seeping in the longer this goes on.