I hope you are all doing well today. I’m pleased to announce the positivity I’ve started spreading across all the hallways at PPCC, rampart campus. Ever since September 28, 2018, I’ve started writing sticky notes and posting them across the hallways at Odyssey ECCO, and I believed that handwritten messages of encouragement and kindness would spread positivity and promote success in this amazing school which I’m proud to be a part of. Ever since COVID struck I’ve stopped writing or posting any sticky notes until last month. Since I’m mostly at PPCC, I wrote over 300+ sticky notes of motivational, encouraging, and inspirational quotes which extend beyond “Have a wonderful day” to quotes that are essentially poetry. Every week I would spend 2 – 3 hours writing anywhere from 25 – 60 sticky notes and posting them in the hallways at PPCC, rampart campus. Attached above are all the pictures of the quotes and the hallways at Rampart. I’ve also attached a 6-minute video walkthrough of the hallways at Rampart. As we continue to transition to “normality” over the coming months, I will have written over 1000+ sticky notes over the summer break which I will be posting across the hallways at Odyssey ECCO in blue and green to match the colors of the walls. I will be working on this project over the summer, so it doesn’t interfere with my academics. I will be creating designs across the lockers and will plan many other creative ideas that are yet to come once again at Odyssey ECCO starting Fall 2021. Thank you all for your time, patience, and support, it is greatly appreciated!