What a perfect timing for this to come in front of me to complete. As vaccines are rolled out and things start opening up again, I begin to get a grasp on the events of the past year. As we can finally breathe a little and see a light at the end of the tunnel, I am able to reflect. In my world life as my kids and I knew it was over on March 13, 2020. We just crossed the one-year anniversary and what a year to look back on. I was caught up in work and school and did not, at the time, pay much attention to the media about what was going on. But I remember that day when everything started to close down; it started to feel dark. There were people acting like I have never seen before. People raiding aisles at the grocery stores in biohazard war gas type masks, there was a lady running down the aisle screaming “oh no!” over and over again in panic, people rushing around everywhere to stock up for an “apocalypse” and to fight this unknown enemy with chemicals and bleach, and there was this strange affixation with toilet paper. Yes, the start of COVID-19 was certainly an interesting phenomenon. Like I said I did not watch too much media, so I was just trying to continue my life as is. So, on March 13th when they called us to get our children and that schools would be closed for 2 weeks, it set in that something profoundly serious was happening. I honestly thought it was just going to pass over and everything would be ok quickly just like before when we had viruses and diseases infiltrate. Here we are now, a year later. A year filled with every crazy scenario possible and then some, however, it was our reality. There was great rift created, deep wounds were forced to be sat with on a global level and humans processed that pain and suffering very publicly. Families were split on stances that another year from now may not even bear any significance, friendships and loved ones were lost to suicide and sickness, we saw literal civil war when our nations capitol was attacked by its own citizens. Yes, what an experience during COVID-19. In an era of endless information and media we were woke. Things were exposed that had been deep in the shadows for far too long. And our nation faced the biggest decision of its current generation for the future of our nation. I was on the edge of my seat, there were truths and lies spread like wildfire and I could wonder what was real and what was facade because it all seemed to be both. I knew people who died from it, and people who had no symptoms while testing positive. I will never forget spraying my kid’s and I’s shoes with rubbing alcohol after coming home from anywhere. That was if we even left my apartment. Then I would bag the shoes and all our clothes up and seal them for washing. I did this for the first several months and we ended up being in quarantine for something like 90 days straight to start. Then several quarantines after that. I would have never guessed that quarantining would be a thing that we would have to get accustomed to doing. Oh my, what a thing COVID-19 became. Forever etched in our existence. So much happened I wonder what will be forgotten and what will be engrained into our history. My experience of COVID-19 was a roller coaster to say the least. It was such a hard and sad time full of suffering yet was also so full of joy and gratitude. I did not know if I was going to be one of the ones who made it out to the other side. To be here writing this and the possible end in sight of this pandemic, it is surreal. It has been the most incredible thing to experience, and I found out just how alive I was. COVID-19 rocked my world, what an experience it was.