With COVID-19 becoming so popular throughout this year, I have found myself trying to come to the fact that we are living within a global pandemic. Who would have thought? There is not one person who has not been affected by Covid-19. Personally, the oddest part was the mask mandate. However wearing masks is smart during this pandemic, it was definitely the hardest thing for me to adapt to. Anytime I used to see someone walking in public with a mask, I said to myself, “Hmmmm”. Now though, it is the new normal. I wear my mask in public places to help slow the rate of the pandemic and I know it is something we just need to buckle up and do and I respect that. Overall, I have had a great year and Covid has just kind of been there. My mother and girlfriend both had Covid, and thankfully minimal cases of it. I know many other people have been affected by Covid on a deadly level and my heart goes out to those individuals. 2020 has been a crazy year that I would never have expected to happen in our modern world. I continue to have optimism and stay positive through this once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic.