These last couple of months have been something I never would have expected in my life. We were told the shutdown would be a couple of months, and here we are, a year later, still fighting this pandemic. Covid has impacted my life greatly in the last year. I am a server in the hospitality industry, and was unable to work for the shutdown. Thankfully, the company I work for did everything they could to provide answers and resolutions about finances to every employee. Yet it was very jarring, to have your life routine suddenly stop for months. I have family in the healthcare field who informed me to take this very seriously, and follow precautions, and I believe that is what has kept me healthy during this time. The most important aspect of Covid life is that it has made me return to school and pursue a new career. I took a summer class because I was not working, and it changed my whole perspective on my future endeavors. I am now in school full time, working to achieve a degree/credit for a sustainable career. Covid has been a horrible time in our lives right now, but sometimes a little bit of hope can come out of a disaster. My hope is to turn my life around for the better after graduating from PPCC.