I would like to say that my experience of the pandemic has been surprisingly uneventful. When I first heard of the outbreak it was quite early. I thought it would be handled before it went global, but unfortunately, I was wrong. I remember when the college was canceled in early 2020. I was heading home from college riding a school bus when the driver informed us that there will be no more rides to college. At first, I thought something bad happened to bus the driver, but we were informed when we got to the school that COVID is in the U.S.
I live in a very rural area with a population of about 1000 people. Living out this far COVID did not affect our day-to-day lives. One big thing that hit me personally was everyone switching to online. Since I went to a very small school and knowing students often don’t have reliable internet to do work the school setup a homework delivery system by bus. Once a week we would be delivered weekly homework and turn in our homework. This worked okay, but my biggest problem was trying to work on my college classes from home. Since everyone was home my internet speed plummeted and made it impossible to do meeting calls.
After a few months, I thought surely this was over, boy was I wrong. Months and months passed and luckily no one I know got COVID. My father’s job required him to travel a lot and was one of the workers that had to keep working. He caught COVID and to my surprise, none of us caught it or just lacked symptoms. I was particularly concerned because at the time I was working at the college and felt ill so as soon as I found out I reached out to my managers. I got tested and to my surprise I tested negative.
Overall, I would say COVID sucks, and I wish it to go away.