The “global shutdown” has been a unique experience for me and my family because I have competing requirements both physically and mentally. I am an older student, 33 years old, and have been serving in the Army for the last 15 years and change. However, I have been having medical issues over the last few years that has forced me to the Soldier Recovery Unit at Fort Carson to hopefully recover and return to duty. Now due to the pandemic, this has hindered my ability to receive the surgeries I need in a timely manner. I had to postpone my right shoulder surgery by 4 months, which in turn, pushed back my hip surgery another three months. This has also eaten up my allowed time in the recover unit and is forcing my hand to be evaluated by a medical review board. This would ultimately end my career in the Army as the medical review board would find me unfit for duty due to injuries and medically retire me. This would be four years short of a normal retirement and I would lose some benefits potentially depending on ratings.  Now besides the medical issues, I have had to manage my sanity by attending school to keep busy since my normal “nine to five” is attending medical appointments and therapy. It’s amazing how hard it is to keep focused on the future when your last 14 years of active duty has been filled with purpose and meaning. I am thankful though to have the opportunity to attend school during my medical treatment as this has given me purpose and a sense of fulfillment.