My name is Zoe Mancini. I live with my two teenage boys and have a boyfriend that is a soldier in the US Army. He works on Fort Carson and was assigned to take part in a two week class. The instructor was not wearing a mask and got half of the class sick. Including my boyfriend. It didn’t take long for one of my boys to get it as well. So I was trying to take care of him wearing a mask and gloves keeping him isolated in his room. My sons birthday was during his isolation and we couldn’t do much but we still tried to make it special for him.

The day after his birthday I started feeling sick and sure thing, I had Covid. It was a dreadful 10 days with different symptoms every day but lasting forever. It was the week before Christmas and we couldn’t travel to see family. I already had to cancel our flights for the summer to visit my family in Germany because of Covid. We were all cleared by Christmas day and spend the day the four of us together with some good food. A lot of sad and frustrating days have been going by since everything started.

Yesterday I received my first Covid vaccine and today I’m feeling a little tired with a headache. I do not want to let this pandemic bring me down. There are so many things to be grateful for. I am grateful for my children and the man in my life that has been taken care of me while I was sick.